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And it is that whatever the type of product to market on the internet, the truth is that having the physical barrier and the intangibility of the product is very important to get to present product photography in a real environment, which awaken the user’s desire to finally make the purchase through the online trading platform. From photography studio and photo retouching Jose cabochon photography, we work from the photography and art direction phase to the photo postproduction for e-commerce. We take care of the silhouetted, effects such as shadows, fillings, reflections, color corrections, imperfections, Raw processing, redimensioning and much more.

The professional photo retouching for fashion requires more advanced techniques. And it is that there many elements that require greater care of detail to improve the original photography and generate images that impact and a sense of desire. The photographic postproduction fashion rang from retouching skin, establish most to improving the environment. Scenarios or where the photograph is taken And as a photo retouching studio we give quality solutions and in the shortest possible time to fashion editorials, professional photographers, communication agencies and fashion companies. The best photographs at post-production  level in fashion or image editing include: Retouching of sikn: as redness, remnants of makeup, imperfections, dark circles, crossed hairs, etc.

  • Wrinkles in clothes.
  • Profiling of profiles.
  • Retouching imperfections.
  • Elimination of labels, threads, blue tack…
  • Improvement of the scenario around the model or model.

The importance of professional photography is increasingly relevant. Our audience demands quality visual content and competition is huge. Bet by professionals to capture the best image of your project.

Our team of retouchers and illustrators converts our digital photographic originals into final elements ready for any medium or publication.

  • In the first phase of digital photo retouching, the color profiles that contribute to the quality and liveliness of each photograph are applied.
  • In the second phase of retouching, small aesthetic retouching is performed, silhouetted (image trimming), assembly and complex retouching.
  • In the third phase, the necessary changes are made to adapt the images to the final format (Editorial, PLV, Web, Packaging, etc.). After these changes, JPEG files are generated so that the client can monitor the entire process, perform tests and request the modifications that he considers necessary.

Service Categories

product Photo Editing before after image

Product Photo Editing

Pictures are worth thousands of words. That’s why e-commerce sites or online stores all over the world use product pictures, instead of a thousand words. Whether you sell a single product or large inventory of various products, you cannot ignore using images. To make your customer pull out their credit card, you need more than just a normal product photograph.

HDR photo editing before after image

HDR Photo Editing

Well, only if they have all the details available. Often the whole picture gets lost in different exposures, tones, temperatures, shades, and grey & white levels. Often in many photos, you lose details of white items in over-exposed images and also lose a good amount of details in under-solved images.

Wedding photo Retouching before after image

Wedding Photo Retouching

Wedding moment is one of the few moments we want to remember forever and also want the images to be attractive, pretty and flawless. Retouching wedding photos are the only way to make your wedding photo flawless and pretty and we do it with care and expertise.

Real Estate photo editing image

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate photo editing services are something in which we particularize. There is a team assigned exclusively to deal with all sorts of requirements related to photo manipulations process for property business. The images you present to your clients definitely create impact and our effort is to make it positive.

Retouch product images, scale your postproduction and optimize the workflow of your photography studio.

E-commerce is based on images: billions of product images are being clicked, slipped and compared by customers every day. To win those customers, brands and retailers must produce higher quality photos, faster and with larger quantities than ever.

That's where Pixelz's touch-up and editing service comes into play: our patented Specialist Assisted Workflows (SAW ™) assembly line converts photo editing into software-as-a-service.


The post-production phase in advertising as well as in fashion Image editing. And it is not only about improving the quality of photography and getting it to be as close as possible to reality but sometimes advertising post-production requires the creation of unique and creative that manage to convey the message of the campaign to its target audience.

We talking about photographic postproduction and creative retouching in a matter of advertising campaigns, where not only photography is important. The scenography and direction of art have an indispensable role. All the elements must be adjusted to define an advertising campaign that is viral and manages to generate the expected results in the specific target.

We make photo retouching for advertising campaigns product, fashion and textiles, interior design, architecture and much more.