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We offer prints in all sizes and we send the file in digital format in high resolution so you can make more copies in the future of the size you want. Always consider that the restoration work includes damage, color and damage as mentioned on this page; the sharpness, quality of image and focus will be what your original photograph has since it is not possible to sharpen an image, or focus or "despixelarla". The service consists of digitally restoring the damaged or damaged image to print a new photo. In no case we contemplate physical arrangement of your original photo.

Therefore we can restore old photographs from the original without damaging or physically modify it, since we work in digital format which also allows us to offer new prints in the size or format you want, you can recover photos with various damages such as : Rips, Cuts, Pencil stains, Sun spots, Mushrooms, Dust and shallow tears, Among other. Our restorative services also include cases in which you need to recover the color of your photographs if they have become pale or have become discolored due to the sun or the passage of time.

There is also the option of modifying a photograph in addition to making damage restorations and transforming from Black and White to Color, this type of transfer only requires that the original photograph is already restored from damage, or that it is cleaned beforehand, in addition from this we only ask you to indicate the specific colors of the original scene (for example, hair color, clothing, eyes and skin tone) you can also ask for prints of your Black and White or Sepia color photo.

In Clipping Path Band, our expert designers are restoring photographs and exploring to eliminate imperfections like scratches, stains. We will finish your photos as a brilliant new one. The missing facial features will be repaired by executing the extended digital composition of your photos.

Restorations of damaged service details.

  • Restoration of light

    minor scratches, improved damaged light condition, improves slight damage.
  • Average restoration

    Adjunct of lachrymal photos, restoration of light plus color correction, background correction or elimination of people.
  • Heavy / complex restoration

    The range of spots, scratches, fades and shadows are repaired by restoring heavy photographs.

Service Categories

Faded before after image

Faded Photos

Photos fade abroad due to mortal or natural element. Exclusively old photos fade abroad more than the new one. As days catch photos drop their fresh look, color, sharpness. Faded photo restoration course solves all these problems at once and bring back faded images like fascination. We do it with quality with ability hand.

Damage before after image

Damaged Photos

Photos get damaged by various reasons, old photos are also getting damaged day by day. Photos can be damaged due to man-made or environmental causes as in sand, mud, water or fire. But you can achieve this photo by taking our damaged photo restoration service. Bring the past and save it for the future.

Color Cast before after image

Color Cast

A color cast is a visible color tint to an image, usually referring to one that is unwanted. They occur when white balance is inaccurate or light is contaminated with a color. For example, in an image with a green color cast, neutral tones would have a green tint rather than being truly neutral. If the color cast is due to white balance inaccuracy.

Colorization before after image


Adding color to black-and-white archive photography is a good way to carry the past to life. There are a lot of really awful ‘tutorials’ on the web that will give your awful looking results, so we asked photographer Trigs Rice to develop a technique for colorizing old photos in Photoshop that will deliver alluring, engaging, realistic results.

Professional photo repair.

It was mentioned earlier that your precious images are being damaged for some kind of reasons. You scream to recover your old appearance. But do not you know how to do it? Now we go into action. Our expert professionals always work to repair your damaged photos. We are like your artist to return to join smiles or happy moments. Our main job is to make an old digital modification of your photographs.

In addition to restoring rips, cracks, imperfections, scratches and other harmful effects, we can repair it as desired. We can add color, correct the color, black and white to the color photo, delete / add people, etc. In addition, we offer the best solution for separation, thinning, retouching, restoration, etc. Therefore, in total, we can repair almost anything with the hand of our expert and experience makes us a step forward than others.

Our complete work can be accomplished in a printable format. We will offer you the available image to use in the future. Also, it will be your moment of pleasure when you will share your restored photos with your friends and family.

In the end, we welcome you to the best photo retouching and restoration company. Bring your photos and we will be your photo corrector. Remember that it is never too late to rewind your memory and correct old photos online.

How are the photos damaged?

Several ways are possible to violate an image. Photos, movies, documents and negatives are so destructible if they are kept for a long time. The environmental facts worsen the photos. In general, the reasons that can be mentioned are:

Faded color: The most visible and common fact of damaging an image is color discoloration. As time passes, the color is damaged. Sometimes, it destroys so strongly that the image becomes unrecognizable.

Burn damage: Means the photographs are shaded by dust. A thick layer of dust is placed on the images. It may look like some white scratches on the photo.

Faded and torn: Some image is damaged as burned. Somewhere in the image, it can also break. It develops yellowish color in the image.

Repair document : Documents are also being damaged by the passage of time. It can be repaired and shine as a new one by restoring the image and maintaining the value of the document.

Water damage: Water is a common violent thing to destroy an image. The water causes a photo to get soaked and the black color shades the image.

Scratches: Scratches in the image worsened the appearance of the photograph. Whatever the types of scratches in the image that can be repaired by restoring the image.