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This is the tool that only affects the background of the image and not the shape or size of the image. This is the tool through which you can improve the appearance of the image while maintaining the original appearance of the images.

Whenever you think about changing the background of a particular image that is not so perfect for that, then you should consider the image masking . or image masking tool for that. The creation of images is the only tool created to satisfy your image needs with respect to the background, which in itself plays an important role in the improvisation of the appearance of the image. This is also very effective from the point of view of the photographers since they did not have to rush again and again to the place of the client to obtain the perfect background. You can get the desired look easily by using the photo masking tool available in Photoshop. It also saves the cost of traveling and with that also reduces your efforts.

However, photo masking is the technical tool, since publishers first have to observe the needs of the image properly and only when they implement the changes in it. This increases the work of the editors since the correct observation of the image is very important to obtain the appearance of the images. One more important thing about masking photographs is that they can also be used in combination with the clipping path.

Alpha Mask before image Alpha Mask after image

We mask layers, hair or fur, channel, transparent and translucent masking. You can quote our service to select photos with lots of details or soft edges that can take countless hours. Our designers are here to keep expression in the transparency we have created.

Clipping Path Band is the trusted image processing company that have Proficient, well trained and experienced artists.

  • Translucent Objects

    Objects that have a high degree of transparency can also be isolated from their backgrounds by the technique of image masking.
  • Transitions.

    The image masking tool produces a "hide and seek" effect on a photo. For soft masking techniques, brushes and gradients are used. This method is the simplest way to achieve the transition effect.
  • Edit Specific Portions.

    This technique can be used to highlight the specific area of an image and then perform functions such as color correction and controlling exposure, contrast, brightness and more.

Service Categories

Layer Mask before after image

Layer Masking Service

Here masks are directly applied to the layer with soft and define edges with the help of pen tool. It allowance you to buy selection, modify the opacity (transparency) of the layer they belong to. It is the first choice of expert designers because by using the layer mask in Photoshop service, the masked task is never destroyed and getting back every pixel in that layer is possible. When vector path alone cannot remove the background of complex images with a fine edge, Photoshop Layer masking is applied to get a smooth edge of cut-out image. Starts price $1.0

Alpha Mask editing image

Alpha Masking Service

It is pixel based masking which displays images, actually the shape of images rather than a color. Most likely to layer masking but it is superior to that of regarding the file size. After removing the image from the background it is saved in an alpha channel where we can edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. Alpha Channel Masking service makes the file size small which is suitable for uploading or downloading. In some cases, the avenue are used to select objects or mask the background. This approach is used to select special colored or non-zigzag background objects. Price starts from $1.19.

Transparent Mask editing image

Transparent Masking Service

Removing the background of a transparent image is quite difficult with Vector path or Clipping mask. Transparent Masking is used for background removal of these images accept gradient transparencies. Transparent masking in Photoshop is applied on images having glass, lightning, glass jewelry, etc. and end number of product images used for promotional purpose in the catalog, and e-commerce shops. These have 0% to 5% opacity so making them transparent is a challenge itself. Our talented designers use their all experience and make this accurate only for you. With price starts from $1.39 and 1500+ images delivery capability.

After this detailed discussion, let's go to the types of photo masking:

HAIR / SKIN MASK This is the technique that consumes the most time among its other types. In this type of masking, focusing on the edges of soft/thin lines due to the participation of the hair is very important to obtain that refined appearance. This technique really needs a professional hand.

MASKED LAYER: This is the next type in which a digitizing tablet is used to give smooth and polished edges. In this category, you will apply the mask directly to the layer using the smooth and refined edges that are created with the help of a digitizing tablet.

TRANSPARENT MASK OF OBJECTS: As the name suggests that this type of masking deals with transparent objects such as glass, bottles, fabrics, sunglasses, etc. You can easily change the background of transparent objects while preserving originality, which is always the main focus of the editor.

CHANNEL MASK ALPHA: This is the type of masking in which you will get the convenience of editing the file at any time when necessary. This type allows background removal and saves an alpha channel through which you can edit the images at any time.

[caption id="attachment_1485" align="alignnone" width="580"] Image Masking[/caption]

Masking layer and clipping path.

The advantage of using the clipping path on Image Masking is that we can make different parts of an image visible by moving the cropped part of the image. The part that they want to see visible can be decided by the expert who performs the image editing task. In all other cases, image masking tools can be used.

COLLAGE PHOTO: You can experiment endlessly and play with image masking tools while doing collage photos. Many images can be combined and interesting effects can be applied to them. You can combine the photos using soft strokes and gray tones to give them a full and polished look.

WRAP-UP:With the tools for editing images in Photoshop, all your crazy imaginations of editing and transforming images can become reality. All these tools must be used by an expert in editing who knows for what edition to use these tools and what the final result will be.