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Initially, buyers get a sense of 3D and the expectation of buying this genuine product. To a large extent, the creation of shadows includes parallel shadow, mirror effect, and natural shadow. The image shadow effect is a popular way to add effects to products or persons. With the right attention and experience, a dramatic effect is achievable only by shadow making. To achieve perfect shadow effects to photos, we go through positive settings and combine all of them to get a real product look. Also, to unlock the possible look of products every aspect of the image is manipulated. Thus, we get you the best achievable 3D depth shadow effect in 2D images. Below image shadow effect service is determine on what we do, how we do your shadow beneath the product.

We do Real product effect In this digital marketing, the introduction of shadow creation makes all products visible when you hover over the background. For this, the creation of shadows of the products visualizes the impression on the background in the 3D space behind it. We make the 3D effect of an image for you by introducing the creation of shadows. As a result, you get the real effect of the product that attracts the customer. And the customer feels the "REAL PRODUCT", gets excited when buying the product; therefore, these effects increase the total amount of product sales. Your visual advertising for Shadow Imaging. ), , ,

The images are not the same as those we see on the Internet, advertising posters or any visual advertising. There is always a small or intense touch of improvement to make the visual image more appreciative. On the other hand, the shadow images offer a realistic and natural view of the photos of the products. And, we are Master in testing this professional retouching.






Clipping Path Band is an expert in creating the most appropriate shadows for products. Our experienced designers work with the latest technology to offer you the refined image of the product. Even the photos of your original products do not have enough lighting, we are here to provide you with accurate shadow reflection. We can add a mirror or reflection effect that generates the appearance of the 3D image. Therefore, the product obtains the view presented in an intangible image. Our skilled designers offer you the services of reflection shading that have the perfect depth and solidity.

  • Shadow effect of the image to the photos.

    To achieve perfect shadows effects in the photos, we review certain configurations and combine them to obtain a real aspect of the product.
  • We do Real product effect.

  • Your visual advertising of Shadow Imaging.

    The images are not the same as those we see on the Internet, advertising posters or any visual advertising.

Service Categories

Clipping Path With Shadow sample image

Drop Shadow

Every object has a shadow and it is chiefly seen in the bottom part. So without the bottom shadow, the object will look like soaring which makes it improbable. Unrealistic images are harmful to any digital marketing business. Drop shadow approach plays an important role here with the help of Photoshop editing service. Photoshop specialists applied it on the rear side of the product from various angles using Photoshop filters & opacity. This low-cost service removes the floating look of products & adds inner & outer glow, etc. We not only provide the necessary amount of shadow that your product need but also remove background from images with our expert hand. We offer our starting price for drop shadow service is $0.19 per images and we are able to dive over 4000+ images per day depending on your image.

Clipping Path With Shadow sample image

Natural Shadow

Sometimes keeping a natural shadow is all you need but you find your image is not very clean or the shadow is not so clear to create a realistic effect. So your images have to go over some shadow editing process. In this, you just need to refine and make detectable that shadow. We called it a natural shadow. When your background and your lighting during photo-shoot doesn’t support you well, Clipping Path Band can ease your work stress by giving you full security to work for you to deliver the best result and curtail your photo editing cost you can get regarding photo improvement service. We offer our starting price for drop shadow service is $0.39 per images and we are able to dive over 4000+ images per day depending on your image.

Clipping Path With Shadow sample image

Reflection Shadow/Mirror Effects

Reflection shadow is also known as a mirror effect. This effect is applied to the products which background reflects on the bottom exterior area. Example: bottles, ceramic items, electronic products, medicine, etc. With the help of Adobe software, we can add this type of shadows. Before this type of editing process, we first have to have the proper ability about how reflection shadow works and where to do it. Without experience expertise, you won’t get the desired result. We have the skillful Photoshop designers with enough experience who will shaft your work with 100% successful rate. We offer our starting price for drop shadow service is $0.39 per images and we are able to dive over 4000+ images per day depending on your image.

Our shadow Steps for implementation.

The style of Photoshop's shadow layer is ideal for shading the images of the products. We provide the shadow in the photos so that the product has the effect of floating slightly above its background. Sometimes it is difficult to create more realistic products. BUT, we do add shadows at the highest level, complexity does not matter to us. To overcome the complexity, we follow the mentioned steps of implementation in the shade: Select the product using the selection tool (lasso tool, quick selection tool, pen tool, etc.). Draw a selection around the product and select it to a new layer.

Add additional canvas space to add shadow, using Photoshop Crop Tool from the Tools panel. Press Enter to accept the clipping size depending on the size of the shadow and a new blank layer. Draw a gradient on the new layer by clicking on the Foreground Color Swatches tool. From the color selector, we choose a gray tone and drag it vertically towards the center of the image

Select the product and complete the selection with black. On the Edit menu, choose Distort. To reshape the black-filled area, click on the upper transformation handle and make it appear that your products are shaded. Applies a slight blur by Gaussian blur and increases the radius to around 1.5 pixels to obtain an elusive effect. This helps to make the appearance of the shadow softer. Use the quick mask mode to gradually select the shadow to the foreground and background defaults in Photoshop. When you release the mouse button at the top of the shadow, a transparent red overlay appears on the image. Finally, set the foreground color to a dark gray to attenuate the image completely. And lower the opacity of the shadow around 85% to create a more realistic looking shadow effect.

Our best credibility points of Shadow Imaging.

As a professional job, we offer not only the shading of the image but also the best credibility that accompanies the service. Like a perfectionist, we are concerned about the most difficult things to achieve that we will offer, which are mentioned below:

If it is necessary to hide some details of the shadow, we edit the part

We make the composition complicated; as the solution that applies a color mold to the whole image.

We edit the mood of the mixture of layers changed to color and decrease the opacity to a low amount.

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