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Photoshop has some advanced and efficient tools that can be used to transform simple images into high-quality images. The editors of the photos should be experts and have the experience to determine which tools should be applied for a particular image editing requirement. All images are edited manually.

The old background is deleted and replaced. Other touch-ups are applied, such as color correction, shadow addition, and neck articulation services if necessary. This meticulous edition yields surprising results that the images of the products are perfect to display in online portals and other public media.

Simple clipping path Moderate clipping path Complex clipping path Basic clipping path Clipping path with other improvement techniques The photo masking techniques offered are: Alpha channel masking Photoshop layer, Translucent layer Mask the hair, Advanced layer Complex layer masking Wrap-up background removal along with deep etching, clipping mask, and clipping path services are here to assist you to obtain the solutions you’ll need for your projects.


The background removal service is necessary to bypass the undesirable background. Taking into account the technique of channel mask or pen tool, we preserve the most appropriate technique for manipulating images. Certainly, we are here to separate unwanted parts and to make a perfect isolation together with different techniques.

After choosing the quick selection tool, a plus sign (+) within a circle is visible on the screen. By clicking on any part of the image, it automatically selects its nearby parts. After selecting external areas, we simply press the ALT key, therefore we deselect the selected region.

  • Sampling options

    Each time the background eraser tool is selected, the options bar at the top of the screen shows several options. This makes control behavior easy. From left to right, here is the Continuous, Once and Background Swatch. Of these, Continuous and Once is more likely to be used.
  • Tolerance level

    The default tolerance value is 50% and it is obvious for the starting point. If the background color is quite different from the objects, we increase the tolerance value up to 70%.
  • Duplicate layer

    At the beginning of removing the background of an image, it is obvious to duplicate the background of the image layer before erasing the pixels. Also, the eraser tool will physically erase the pixels in the image.

Service Categories

Easy Background Removing before after image

Easy Removing

It is a basic background removal service where the subject contains anchor points, slight curves, and a lot of paths. Clipping Path Band offers you a starting price of $0.20 and we can also deliver over 4000+ images per day. There are various holes or embed transparency. Products type Mobile phones, box, packet, bottle, shoes, Clothes, any product. are included in these services. Background removal is mostly used in e-commerce businesses. We offer professional work at an affordable price with up to 30% discount on bulk orders.

Medium Background Removing before after image

Medium Removing

This is the 2nd point adversity in background removal service. Here product image has many mainstay points and complex paths required medium level Clipping Paths. Usually, pictures accommodate lots of holes or embed transparency. There are Group shoes, group watch, bracelets, chair, motor parts, group rings, group foods, T-shirt, nets, etc. Products in the needed service category. Our starting price is $0.49 and we can deliver over 3500+ images per day.

Advance Background Removing before after image

Advance Removing

The image background makes transparent or white in Photoshop as of advance objects complicated clipping path is tested to images. Those are so high-end and so actual. Items are group, conglomerate people, flower bask, appliance, group ornament, furry doll, jewelry, net, group images, cycle, products like fences, fabrics, gate, trees, etc. include complex shapes & a lot of holes. Hence, they require lots of closed paths. Our starting price is $1.99 and we can deliver over 2500+ images per day.


Background Eraser has an important option that is Limits. The limits can be Continuous and Discontinuous. First, one allows you to erase only the selected pixels, can not jump over different pixels and is of a predetermined nature. The second allows you to erase pixels anywhere in the image.

, The benefits of changing the background of the photos are unlimited. By removing the background of an image, the variations are expanded to add them to a simple photograph.

This means at the beginning that the background is the basis of an image on which a photograph is formed. Deleting the background of the photos increases the quality level of the images. In addition, here is a list of beneficiaries:

A bit more about Removing the Background / Clipping Path Service.

All the rejected stuff in the image can easily be removed from the background using Clipping Path approach in Photoshop. These approaches are also referred as “Closed Vector Path” or “Shape”. We recognize the needs of the clients and try our best in putting on the best show. Irrespective of the complication of task, we ensure to deliver you most refreshing results.

We engage tools in manipulating the image according to its requirements. Our team of skillful spends time in understanding the right tool to use and the strategy to be followed to generate adept results on your images. At a basic matched, we use pen tool in outlining the object that is to be omitted. However, Clipping Path can also come in use for other purposes such as: Manipulating Image Shape, Editing or Isolating Desired portion of the image, remove the background of photo, adding eye catching shadow under an object, creating a collage by using multiple photos etc.

Cut Out Image process on the agenda of delivering quality every time you rely on us. For all kind of photo manipulation and editing services, you can depend on our skillful team. We put forward many other techniques that help in generating desired results but we highly believe in using tools that befits the requirement of image absolutely. Our team comprise of most diligent and versatile designers in the industry that have the tendency to create most skillful and apt results. We also provide you casual feedback for your inquiries as we highly value your time.